Monday, 12 July 2010

Review of "1985 ( You Got Something )" from

Just came across this review of my 1985 track:


"Some time in mid February a track played on Amazing Radio that still resounds around the office in folklore and myth. A point of contention for some, a movement to raptures for others, Marc Hamill & The Neon Funk Foundation had hit the airwaves with ‘1985 (You got something) Feat. Storm’. Its success on the site soon overtaken by its striking impact on the radio.

A synth warping, heart warming, 80s indulgence of electro-pop, underpinned by modern production and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, it captured everyone’s imaginations. Still now it can be heard in discussions (with hushed tones and guilty smiles) down the corridors of Amazing Towers.

Marc Hamill had set a precedent, or rather a standard for which the users’ (cheesy?) indulgence could find expression, and it wasn’t without reason that we thought few tracks could seize our attention with quite so much flair."

Paul Campbell -